Cheap Shipping from India to the USA: 101 Guide


Cheap Shipping from India to the USA, Shipping items from India to the USA can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. With some smart planning and shopping around for the best carrier, you can find an affordable India-to-USA shipping solution. This guide covers everything you need to know, from average shipping times and costs to a step-by-step process for cheaply sending your goods overseas.

How Long Does It Take to Ship from India to the USA?

Shipping times from India to the USA can vary greatly depending on the shipping method:

  • Sea shipping takes 1-2 months on average
  • Air shipping takes 1-2 weeks on average

Of course, factors like customs delays or warehouse processing times can affect these timeframes. When estimating your India to USA transit time, add on a few extra days to be safe.

Sea shipping is much more affordable, while air shipping is faster. Decide based on your budget and how quickly you need the items delivered.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship from India to the USA?

Like shipping times, India to USA shipping costs can vary significantly. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • Sea shipping: $5-10 per kg
  • Air shipping: $10-20 per kg

So a 20 kg shipment could cost $100-$200 by sea or $200-$400 by air.

Shipping costs are influenced by:

  • Carrier rates
  • Route
  • Package weight/dimensions
  • Extra services (e.g. insurance)

The most affordable option we’ve seen for shipping boxes from India to the USA is Universal Relocations.

The Cheapest International Shipping from India to the USA (Universal Relocations)

After comparing all the major couriers, Universal Relocations stands out for having exceptional rates from India to the USA while still providing reliable door-to-door delivery with no hidden fees.

Here are the baggage shipping rates from India to the USA:

  • Up to 2 boxes: $150 per box
  • 3 to 4 boxes: $140 per box
  • 5 to 8 boxes: $130 per box
  • 9 to 15 boxes: $120 per box
  • 16+ boxes: $110 per box

With these low prices per box on consolidated air cargo shipments, you would be hard-pressed to find better India-to-US shipping rates anywhere else. Universal Relocations handles everything from pickup at your door in India to customs clearance and final delivery in the USA. This rate includes door pick-up in India, sea shipping, customs clearance, and door delivery in the USA within 90-120 days.

Top Tips for Affordable Shipping from India to the United States

Here are some insider tips on finding the best India-to-USA freight rates:

Compare Multiple Carriers

Rates can vary drastically between shipping companies and freight forwarders on the same route. Get quotes from at least 3-4 providers before deciding.

Go with Consolidated Shipments

Consolidators combine small packages from multiple customers onto one pallet going to the same area. This allows them to offer discounts on economy bulk pricing.

Discuss Discounts for Volume

If you have many large packages or are frequently shipping to the USA, you can negotiate custom discounts from carriers.

Insure Valuables

For expensive or fragile items, added shipping protection is worthwhile for peace of mind.

Be Customs Regulation Savvy

Know the import/export rules to avoid customs delays or fines inflating your costs.

Choose Sea over Air

The slower sea shipments are vastly more affordable than air freight. If you have flexibility on delivery times, go with ocean transit.

Step-by-Step Process for Shipping Goods from India to the United States

Follow this checklist when arranging your door-to-door India-to-USA freight transport:

1. Select a Reputable Shipping Company

Find a logistics provider or freight forwarder with extensive experience handling India to USA shipping. They should manage everything from pickup to delivery, customs clearance, tracking, and more.

As mentioned throughout this guide, Universal Relocations stands out for its exceptional budget-friendly consolidated rates.

2. Measure Weight and Dimensions

Carefully tally the weight and dimensions (length x width x height) of all boxes and items being shipped. This is needed to generate an accurate quote.

3. Research Customs Regulations

Verify that your shipment contents are permitted for export from India and import into the United States. Certain goods have restrictions.

4. Pack Securely

Seal everything in sturdy boxes and crates with ample padding and protection to prevent damage in transit.

5. Complete Mandatory Documents

You will need to fill out some paperwork describing what is being shipped. Your company handles this paperwork for you.

6. Purchase Insurance if Needed

Consider adding special transport insurance in case the unexpected happens to your valuable goods in transit. Discuss options with your carrier.

And those are the key steps for smooth, affordable shipping of your goods from India to the USA! Just follow that checklist and your items should safely arrive at their destination in no time.

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