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About Country

United Kingdom lies between two seas, namely the North Atlantic Sea and the North Sea. UK is located in the British Aisles and shares a border with Ireland. UK is made up of four different regions. These include Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The population of UK is around 66 million people. The official language of the country is English, however, there are 11 other languages spoken in the country according to region.

UK has a culture that is rooted in history. The capital of the country, London, is a popular tourist destination. The city is diverse in terms of culture and the people who live there. UK is known for its top universities. Each year thousands of students come to the country to receive world-class education. When it comes to food, British cuisine is diverse because it takes inspiration from the four different regions of the country. The people of UK are polite in nature and are friendly.

One of the most amazing things about moving to UK is the culture and history the country offers. Apart from historical buildings and architecture, UK has one of the finest museums, restaurants and other leisure activities. Healthcare for the residents of UK is free, which makes moving to UK a good option.

Major Airports and Seaports

Since UK faces ocean on all sides, there are many seaports located in the country along the coast. Port of Grimsby and Immingham, located on the east coast of the country is one of the busiest seaports in the country. Others include Port of London, Port of Tees/Hartlepool and others are some of the major seaports for cargo shipping.

There are many airports in the country including Heathrow Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world. Other airports include Birmingham Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Manchester Airport, Edinburg Airport and others.

For having your household goods shipped overseas, you need to provide the required documentation at the custom office. These include a copy of your passport, work permit, residence permit, inventory detailing your items and others.

Before you begin to move overseas, consult professional movers and shipping companies. Most of these companies provide relevant information when it comes to shipping household goods to UK and other countries.

Why Universal Relocations?

Universal Relocations provides customers with shipping and packing services which allow a smooth transition into your new lives. We also guide our clients regarding immigration and custom regulation related to shipping to UK. Universal Relocations provides all sort of services when it comes to shipping overseas. We guarantee you that our pet shipping and relocation services are the best.

HM Customs & revenue will no longer accept a C3 customs Form for personal effects

As of the 1st of April 2017, HM customs & revenue will no longer accept a HMC&R C3 customs Form as the standard process for the clearance of personal effects for persons transferring residency to the UK from outside the EU.

An application will now need to be made prior to sailing using the below link to obtain a unique declaration number, which will need to be listed on the bill of lading at the time of sailing.

* It is advised that when completing the application, this should be saved as a PDF form and emailed to nch@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk (the applicant should also include their email address for further communication to speed up the process)

Failure to complete this application will be result in the c’nee being responsible for paying full customs duties & taxes on their cargo. If the c’nee fails to complete this application, or is unwilling to pay duties / taxes, this will result in their cargo being seized and destroyed without notice.

The same application will need to be made for any persons transferring their private motor vehicle to the UK.

Check out our website for more information regarding the services we provide. Call us or send us an email, if you have any further queries. You can also get a free quotation for the cost of shipping from us.

For custom rules and regulations please click here

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