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Are you moving to Bermuda? Here are a few things you should know before moving to the country!

About the country

Although considered as an independent country, Bermuda is a British territory. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the area of the land is 20.5 mi2, which is relatively small for a country. The population of the island is around 65,000 people. The estimated expat population is around 15,000. Since Bermuda is a British territory, the official language spoken here is English.

The people of the Bermuda are of Native American, African and European descent. Many of the cultural elements of Bermuda are similar to those of US and UK. For example, cricket is a popular sport in Bermuda.

Although jobs in the island are generally of higher pay, accommodation is expensive. The island nation offers natural beauty, which is one of the reasons why expats are choosing to live in the country. People belonging to Bermuda are generally friendly. The locals may be considered as conservative by some expats. Bermudans are considered strict as they chose to be formal about their clothing. Etiquettes are considered important in the Bermudan society.

Major airports and seaports

There are many natural harbors located on the coastal areas of Bermuda. The capital city, Hamilton has the Hamilton Harbor which serves as a shipping port. Other than this there are many ports in Bermuda that cater to cruises such as Royal Naval Dockyard which has two piers which include Port of King’s Wharf and Heritage Wharf. Another port, St. George’s Port, is also a popular port for cruise ships.

Due to the small area of Bermuda, there is only one airport that receives flights from the rest of the world. St. George’s airport located on St. David’s Island is the only International Airport located in the country.

Most countries require you to provide a copy of your passport including work permit, inventory of items and bill of landing. Apart from this, there is also duty tax levied on household goods that are transported to the country. Therefore, hiring professional movers is a better option than choosing to move on your own. These can provide you with a checklist of essential documents for having your household goods shipped overseas.

Why Universal Relocations?

Universal Relocations provides overseas shipping and packing services to almost all countries over the world. In addition to this, we also provide information regarding immigration and custom regulation. Shipping to Bermuda and other countries has never been easier. We also provide pet shipping and relocation services. One of our main focus at Universal Relocations is to help expats transition smoothly into their new lives.

You can get a free quotation on the cost of shipping from us. Check out our website for more information regarding the services that we provide. You can also call us for further queries.

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