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What information is required?

In order to expedite your claim, please complete the claim/complaint form in its entirety. Notice of claim must include a written, detailed description of the claim, the value of each item and copies of all relevant moving documents. Photographs, proof of value, emails and all other pertinent information is also required. Since incomplete or missing information often results in unnecessary delays, it is recommended that you thoroughly review your claim and the supporting documentation prior to submitting

How much time do I have to submit a claim?

Local moves and Interstate moves often have different requirements. Generally, local move claims must be submitted in writing within ten (10) days to fifteen (15) days from the date of the move. For interstate moves, claims generally must be submitted in writing within nine (9) months from the date of the move.

How many photographs should I submit?

Take at least 2 -4 photos of each damaged item. At least one of the photos should include an image of the entire piece. Additional photos may be requested.

Can I discard the damaged items?

No, for damaged items it may be necessary to require an inspection. Therefore, please do not dispose of any items including the packing materials and boxes until the final resolution of the claim.

Can I acquire estimates for repair?

Do not obtain estimates to repair, repair items or replace items unless authorized by our office in writing. Doing so without written authorization will not be considered part of the claim settlement.

How long does the claim process take?

All claims will be acknowledged in writing within seven (7) days of receipt and a determination issued no later than one hundred twenty (120) days from original receipt of a completed claim. Providing we have received all the necessary information, we routinely settle claims in thirty (30) to sixty (60) days or less. Beyond one hundred twenty (120) days, we will notify you in writing of the delay and the expected date of resolution.


Although we would want to have every move go perfectly smooth, that may not always be the case. There is a manifest prepared at the start of every move that itemizes every single item that needs to be moved, and another is prepared at the end where the original manifest is referenced.

This will help detail out everything that was present during packing and unpacking.

Should you notice any missing luggage, fill in the Claim/Complaint form to report the missing luggage. Submit the complaint in writing and attach relevant documents.

You may need to produce receipts to prove the value of items you had in your lost luggage. If you have them, include copies in the documentation. Note that some credit card companies also offer optional or automatic supplemental baggage coverage. Please check with ours if you have any.




What to do in case of damaged luggage? Should you receive luggage that is damaged and/or not in the condition it was in when it was packed, fill in the Claim/Complaint form within seven days after you have received your luggage to report the damage. Submit the complaint in writing and attach relevant documen

Take at least 2 -4 photos of each damaged item. At least one of the photos should include an image of the entire piece. Additional photos may be requested.

If you have insurance for the luggage in question, check the insurance policy. Most insurance companies have an online form to report the damage. In most cases it is recommendable to declare the damage of your luggage with the insurance company first.


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