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About the country

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. With a population of over 69 million people, Thailand has a major Buddhist population. That is the official language of the country. You can find a heavy influence of religion in Thailand.

Because of its beaches and resorts, Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Other than this, Thailand has a rich history tracing back many thousands of years. Temples and other historical landmarks serve as a major tourist attraction. Status in Thai society is an important aspect of daily life.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a major tourist city where people from all over the world arrive to witness the colorful city life.

For expats, Thailand offers many job opportunities, including teaching English at institutions. Living in Thailand is also fairly inexpensive. Finding accommodation in Thailand is not only easy, but also light on the pocket. When it comes to living in Thailand, many experts believe that you save money because food and other commodities are cheap as compared to other Asian countries. Thus, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle while saving on money.

Other than this, for expats, Thailand also boasts many activities. With it beaches and lush forests, Thailand serves as a wonderful place for your next big adventure.

Major airports and seaports

The Port Authority of Thailand is responsible for the following ports: Laen Chabang Port, Bangkok Port, Chiang Saen Port, Chiang Khong Port and Ranong Port.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok and Chiang Mai International Airport in Chiang Mai are some of the international airports in the country.

When shipping goods to Thailand or for the matter any other country, shipping by sea is a cheaper and safer method. Although it is a slow mode of transportation compared to shipping by air.

When shipping household goods to Thailand, you need to make sure that you have relevant documents to provide at the customs regulation office. These documents include a passport, work permit, resident permit, inventory of all your items and the contract between you and the shipping company.

Before you plan to ship your goods to Thailand, consult professional shipping and moving companies on the documents that are required. Professional shipping companies provide clients with this information.

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