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Become UNIVERSAL RELOCATIONS Partners and start earning benefits

Tens of thousands of $$ distributed to happy customers who referred us to their friends & family.

We always aim to be generous, so instead of just offering our customers a discount on their next move (which we also do) at Universal Relocations we also give our clients cash on their referral’s completed move. We’re that confident in our service and how positivity can multiply.

How Our Client Referral Program Works

Let’s do the math, 10% of $5,000 is $500 and 10% of 2,000 is $200. What if we told you that you could earn some extra cash by referring moves to us! There is no limit to what you can earn! Earn a few hundred or thousand dollars. It really depends on how many times you can refer to us! You can view our full referral program terms and conditions as follows.

  • 5% referral commission for local moves on the total and paid invoice
  • 5% for Long Distance moves on the total and paid invoice. .
  • 2% on International Move on the total and paid invoice (without insurance and tax).
  • The move must be a completed move. Which means that if you refer us a friend and they don’t move with us you do not earn a referral fee.
  • All referral submission must be submitted through our referral program form below
  • Your referral fee will be paid to you via check or online transfer to your bank account within 30 days from the date the move has been completed (not booked)
  • We do not honor any referrers web referral submissions for a referral commission post the referrals move date, or post the referral booking move date.
  • All referrals are to be made prior to the referral booking their move with Universal Relocations.
  • All payment done Via Bank wire transfer.
  • Fill out our referral form below – ensure all the information is accurate

Referral Form

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