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Universal “Prestige” Relocations Prestige, for a class that expects more.

Universal Relocations has maintained an image of professionalism for more than 20 years.

Door to Door service is our specialty, although Home to Home Service has finally arrived.

Today we offer “Prestige”, a unique and polished relocation service that surpasses the dated concept referred to as white glove service. Prestige is a class of its own, one for clients who expect more.

Prestige is calm.                        Prestige is peace.

Prestige is immaculate.             Prestige is meticulous.

If you decide that Prestige is your preferred service of choice you may expect a wide variety of services. First and most importantly, you a prestigious client, will have your move coordinated by the US Manager or President of Universal Relocations. Various third party services include custom crating, maid service, wine collections, art collections, fine piano handling, grandfather clock disassembly, and storage will be professionally ministered. Your high end furniture, fine china, appliances and other sentimental or valued household items will be hand wrapped in premium materials.

A door to door move differs from a home to home move (Prestige) in that Universal Relocations will ensure that once your origin home is packed, your new location is setup and finalized so that you may experience your new home from the start.

A First Class Relocation experience has never been offered at this level. Make sure to fill in our Prestige Application in order to begin. Rest assured this is the most effort you will need to put in.

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