Is Your Dog Moving With You as Well?


Dog Moving, When you make a move then during packing and shifting everyone gets disturbed as everyone is doing their job out of their usual schedule and this might disturb them mentally and emotionally. Like every other family member, your dogs also get emotionally disturbed when they leave their old comfort zones.

Moving to a new place should be easy for each and every member of the family. Cats, dogs and your other pets are very sensitive to any change so before making a move plan it well. Moving with your pets is very difficult if not planned properly so we have listed down the following pointers that you should consider while relocating to the USA with your pets.

Pet Regulation Checklist

Before pet relocation, to the USA a proper medical checkup is necessary for your pets. What so ever state you are moving, read out the necessities you need to enter that state with your pets. If you are moving to the USA look through the proper certifications that include the complete medical checkup list and the vaccinations that needed to be done before entering the state. The requirements may differ from state to state so look carefully and prepare all the certifications before time.

Dog Moving Check List

Community Permits

Many communities don’t allow pets to enter with the pets. Like in the USA some communities do allow the pets like dogs and cats but they don’t allow other pets like snakes, alligators, ferrets, etc. so if you have any such pet do not take them along with you. Some communities charge you extra on entering with your furry pets. So read out the community regulations and rules beforehand.

Health Certificates

Many states like the USA ask for the health certificates of your furry friends. Some states just ask for the dogs and the other asks for the cats and birds as well. So make sure that your furry friends are healthy and you have there all health certificates with you.

Rabies tags

States like the USA ask for the pet rabies tags. This makes them sure that your pet is properly rabies vaccinated. The tag reads the details of dates and the number of vaccination of your pets.

Pet Saving instructions

Follow the below instructions to keep save your pets during the move from any mishap.

Attach the ID tags

If you are moving with your pet dog it must have an ID tag attach with its collar so that if your pet gets lost during the pet shipping to USA then the relocates can get the owner’s details from the tags as the tags have the pet names, owner names and the pet destination address.

Install the Microchips on collars

Because of the microchips if your pet gets lost then with the help of that microchip it will be again connected with you once it’s found. With this, you can also track your pets if they are lost.

Pet Carriers

Buy the pet carriers if you don’t have any so that while shipping your pets remain within the carriers and so they don’t get lost in the airports. If you are taking the pet shipping to USA services of Universal Relocation then you don’t even have to buy the one. We can arrange it for your pets.

Choose how you want to ship your pet

At Universal Relocation you have the choices that how you want to ship your pet dogs. Either you can use our air cargo services or by water shipping. If you find it easy then you can also ask for the road trips.

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