Why Choose Door-to-Door Shipping Service from USA to India

Door-to-door shipping service, Moving overseas can be an exciting but daunting task. When relocating from the USA to India, one of the biggest decisions is how to ship your belongings. While sea freight is the cheapest option, it also takes the longest time. Air freight is the fastest but most expensive method. If you want the best of both worlds – fast transit times at reasonable rates – choosing a door-to-door international shipping service is your best bet.

Convenience of Door-to-Door Delivery

Opting for a door-to-door shipping service means your items are picked up from your home in the US and delivered right to your new residence in India. There’s no need for you to drive to and from freight warehouses for drop-off and pickup. Universal Relocations offers fully insured door-to-door shipping using air and sea freight. Their white glove service includes custom crating, loading, and unloading of your valuables.

No Hidden Costs

Door-to-door shipping service provides upfront pricing with no hidden charges. When using sea freight, your items are loaded in shared containers with other customers’ goods. The cost is based on the cubic volume (length x width x height) of your shipment, you can also check the volume of your luggage by using a volume calculator. With air freight, pricing depends on the weight of your goods. Reputable movers give free estimates so you know exactly how much it will cost.

Faster Transit than Sea Freight

Shipping door-to-door from the US to India by air is significantly faster than sea freight. While ocean shipping can take 4-6 weeks in transit, air freight usually delivers within 1-2 weeks. Speedy delivery means you’re reunited with your belongings sooner. Quicker transits also reduce the risk of damage or loss. If you need essential items fast – like cars, pets, or valuables – air freight door-to-door services are the way to go.

Customs Clearance Assistance

Navigating customs regulations and paperwork can be challenging when importing goods into India. Door-to-door movers handle customs brokerage for you, ensuring your shipment complies with import laws. They prepare and submit all required documents on your behalf. Partnering with an experienced overseas shipping company that offers shipping from the USA to alleviate the stress of customs procedures.

Safe Transportation of Your Valuables

Rather than entrusting your precious cargo to freight carriers, door-to-door services manage your shipment from start to finish. Your items are professionally packed and loaded at your home, transported safely to India, then delivered right to your residence. Special care is taken with fragile valuables like antiques, artwork, vehicles, etc. Door-to-door control minimizes handling by third parties, reducing the risk of damage.

Insurance Protection for Your Goods

With door-to-door shippers, your belongings are insured against loss or damage from the moment they pick you up to final delivery. Make sure to choose a trusted company that offers full-value protection insurance as part of their service. Knowing your items are covered gives you peace of mind.

Trackability and Communication

The best door-to-door companies provide GPS tracking so you can monitor your shipment’s progress online. You’ll receive notifications when your goods leave the US, clear customs, and are out for delivery. Staff also keeps you updated with email and phone communication. Working with a responsive, communicative company avoids frustrations.

Trusting your overseas move to a professional door-to-door shipping service alleviates the headaches and stress often associated with international relocation. For personalized service and worry-free transport of your valuables from the USA to India Book Now!!

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