How to seal container

When closing the container, you need to first shut the left door and then the right door. The best place to put the container seal would be on the right door, since that is the door that will be opened first. You may place the seal on either one or both of the lock rods of the right door.

Seal number is an identification number of a container seal. Each container seal has an individual identification number.

Bolt seals are strong locking devices that act as a “one time useable padlock”. Today, most bolt seals being manufactured by ISO 17712:2013 certified manufacturers are classified as “high security seals“, which is one of several requirements a bolt seal must meet, in order to be compliant with C-TPAT.

The container number is the most important and complex marking on the door and is a unique alpha-numeric sequence of four letters and seven numbers to identify containers internationally.

Pls take picture of container seal and Container Number after closing the door.

Container Seals should not be removed by Border security office for inspection purpose or prime mover/truck drivers. They should only be removed by the recipient at the destination’s end. As seals are made to be tough to break, the best way to remove them is with a bolt cutter

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