Understanding the Two Ways to Import Your Pet to India


Import your pet to India, India is a land of vibrant colors, diverse cultures, and aromatic spices. But beyond this, it’s a nation that welcomes not just people, but also their beloved pets. If you’ve been considering a move to India or plan to travel abroad with your furry companion, understanding the intricacies of pet import/export becomes paramount. For those looking to delve into how to Import Your Pet to India, this is your go-to guide.

Why Export And Import your Pet To india

Relocating internationally has become commonplace in today’s globalized world. And many times, these transitions include our cherished four-legged companions. Recognizing this, India offers two primary methods to make your pet’s relocation as smooth as possible.

Accompanied Baggage

For many, the idea of having their pet close by during a flight brings immense peace of mind. The Accompanied Baggage method ensures your pet accompanies you, traveling as Excess/Checked/Accompanied Baggage. This method is similar to having your pet on board as a special guest. However, there’s a stipulation: Only two pets, be they cats or dogs, can travel under one owner’s name. For multi-pet families, strategic planning is a must.

Manifest Cargo

At times, our schedules may not align perfectly with our pets’ travel plans. Enter the Manifest Cargo method. Here, your pet travels via Airline Cargo, which means they might be on a different flight from yours. This flexibility is especially helpful when faced with strict airline regulations or scheduling challenges.

Essential Preparations Before Importing or Exporting

Ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety during the journey is the top priority. Adequate preparation is the key.

Crates and Comfort

The thought of confining your pet in a crate might be disheartening. But, with proper crate training, this space can become a comfort zone during travel. Introducing your pet to the crate gradually, using treats and toys, can help. Always ensure the crate size is perfect for your pet. For a deeper dive into this, check out Universal Relocation’s guide on how to crate train your pet.

Documentation Galore

Documentation is the cornerstone of international pet travel. Some mandatory documents include:
⦁ Owner’s flight ticket copy
⦁ The microchip number of the pet
⦁ Anti-Rabies Blood Titer Test results
⦁ Vaccination Records
⦁ Destination country’s visa
⦁ Owner’s Passport Copy
⦁ Photos of the pet and crate
Country-specific requirements might also apply. For instance, if you’re heading to the USA, the Anti-Rabies Blood Test isn’t required.

A Note on International Standards

Pet travel isn’t just about logistics. It revolves around adhering to international standards and ensuring optimal care and respect during transit.

IPATA Membership and Its Importance

Being part of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) is a stamp of trustworthiness in pet transportation. Universal Relocations is a proud IPATA accredited pet shipper, showcasing its commitment to global animal welfare standards.
The journey to Import/Export Your Pet to or from India might appear complex, but with the right knowledge and resources, it becomes straightforward. Remember, your furry friend’s well-being depends on your preparation. To further ease the process and reduce pet travel stress, Universal Relocations offers some invaluable tips.

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