The Benefits of Using an IPATA Accredited Pet Shipper


Ipata accredited pet shipper, Moving to a new home can be stressful for both pet owners and their furry companions. Finding a qualified pet shipper to handle the logistics of transporting your pets domestically or overseas is key to reducing anxiety for everyone involved. This is where pet shippers accredited by IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, stand out from the crowd.

What is IPATA accredited pet shippers?

IPATA is a worldwide trade association that upholds high standards for transporting animals by air. With over 300 members in over 100 countries, IPATA aims to promote animal welfare and ensure the safe carriage of animals. IPATA members include airlines, animal shippers, veterinarians, government officials, and other pet transport professionals.
To become IPATA accredited, pet shippers must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of local and international regulations for pet transport. They must also show their commitment to following best practices for animal welfare during every step of the relocation process.

Key benefits of using an IPATA accredited pet shipper

So what are the main advantages of entrusting your pet move to an expert IPATA accredited pet shipper?

1. Rigorous standards for operations

IPATA pet shippers adhere to stringent standards that cover their facilities, equipment, staff training, and relocation procedures. For example, their kennels and vehicles must meet specific guidelines for ventilation, lighting, temperature control, and sanitation. Staff must complete certified training programs focused on animal handling, care, and behavior. Such rigorous standards provide confidence that your pet will be transported safely and humanely.

2. Compliance with changing regulations

Rules and paperwork requirements for pet transport vary significantly depending on the destination country. They also change frequently in response to factors like disease outbreaks. Keeping up with these shifting regulations is a major undertaking. IPATA pet shippers have the expertise to stay fully compliant, ensuring your pet has all proper documentation and vaccinations before travel.

3. Seamless international coordination

Moving pets overseas involves coordinating with handlers at home and abroad. IPATA accreditation means pet shippers can liaise with their worldwide network of IPATA partners to orchestrate a smooth door-to-door move. Your pet will stay with trusted associates throughout the journey.

4. Reduced stress for your pet

A long-distance pet move is inherently stressful, but IPATA pet shippers aim to minimize anxiety. For instance, they use pheromone sprays in kennels to help relax dogs and cats. They also regulate temperature, offer familiar bedding, and carefully schedule feeding, watering and exercise. Such measures keep your companion as comfortable as possible.

5. Experience with species-specific needs

IPATA pet shippers are well versed in the specialized requirements for safely transporting less common animal species like reptiles, birds, and exotic pets. If relocating these types of animals, it’s especially critical to use a qualified IPATA pet shipper that understands their needs.

6. Global leader in live animal transportation

With their worldwide scope, IPATA members transport more live animals than any other association. This level of experience translates into skilled handlers and smooth logistics. When pet owners need to orchestrate international moves in short timeframes, they can rely on IPATA pet shippers to get it done.

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What to look for in an IPATA accredited pet shipper

Not all IPATA accredited pet shippers offer the same range and quality of services. Here are key things to look for when evaluating providers:

– Years of experience transporting pets worldwide

Look for an established company with an extensive history of pet moves to diverse destinations. Longevity indicates they have safely and successfully handled many relocations.

– Array of services

Choose a pet shipper that provides door-to-door transport as well as ancillary services like obtaining health certificates, coordinating flights/ground transport, handling customs brokers and paperwork, and providing transit boarding if needed. One-stop service reduces complications.

– Species-specific offerings

Find out if the pet shipper has expertise with less common pets like birds, reptiles, fish, and farm animals. Not all companies handle transport for every species.

– Accredited veterinarians

Opt for providers that have accredited vets on staff or partner with veterinarian networks. On-site or affiliated vets can conduct health exams and administer vaccines to fulfill destination requirements.

– Realistic time estimates

Beware of unrealistically fast time estimates. Cross-continental and overseas pet moves require extensive planning, paperwork, and compliance steps. Make sure timeframes seem reasonable.

– Stellar reviews

Check third-party review sites to see what other pet owners say. Numerous glowing reviews indicate happy customers and likely high quality care.

Why trust matters for your pet’s move

Relocating to a new home is stressful enough without worrying about your pet’s well-being during transport. By using an IPATA accredited pet shipper, you can feel confident your furry family member is in capable hands. IPATA providers have demonstrated their commitment to upholding rigorous standards and staying current on evolving regulations. Your beloved companion will receive safety-focused care and handling every step of their journey to your new home.

Universal Relocations – A distinguished IPATA member

As a distinguished member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), Universal Relocations stands out for its unparalleled expertise in global pet transportation services. With a strong commitment to animal welfare and adherence to international standards, we provide pet owners with a trustworthy and stress-free experience, ensuring their beloved companions reach their destination safely and comfortably.

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