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Important Notes:

Please buy the recommended boxes from Lowe’s – it is the super quality box for safe packing and shipping, please ensure you buy – Double wall thickness Heavy duty Boxes and Heavy-duty Packing tapes. Also attached Packing tips which would be useful.

LOWE’S: (Heavy Duty box 24x18x18”) – https://www.lowes.com/pd/Classic-Large-Heavy-Duty-Cardboard-Moving-Box-Actual-24-in-x-18-in/50098526

Also you can pick up double wall heavy duty boxes from our nearest locations. For more details pls email to movemanager@universalrelocations.com

If you shipping electronics:

Customs duty: 38.5% on the assessment value, we need the original purchase Invoice/receipt for the negotiation. Customs authorities would consider the normal US market value, NOT the value on any offers/deals or thanksgiving special deals or Open Box Offer. Tv Purchase should be through the reputed dealers/retailers like Best Buy/Fry’s electronics/Amazon etc

Important Note: Your presence is mandatory in India and Original Passport is required for clearance of electronic items and it is as per the requirement of customs authorities.

Pls ask separate quote if you shipping electronics to usasales@universalrelocations.com or call us at 1-888-323-7356

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