Shipping Motor Bikes into India: A How-To Guide


So you’ve got your eyes set on bringing your gorgeous motorbike into India, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Importing vehicles like superbikes and cruisers into India involves jumping through some bureaucratic hoops, but follow this guide and you’ll be cruising Indian highways on two wheels in no time.

Choosing the Right Bike Transportation Method

The first decision you need to make is how you’ll ship your bike. You have two options:

Roll On/Roll Off Shipping

This is the most popular and cost-effective bike transportation method. Your motorcycle literally “rolls on” the ship on one side of the ocean, and “rolls off” on the other side once it docks. It is offered by many international shipping companies at competitive prices.

Container Shipping

If you want more security and protection for your bike, container shipping places your motorcycle within a steel intermodal container that is lifted onto the ship. Containers shield your bike from exposure to various elements during transit but cost more.

Weigh the pros and cons of each method depending on your timeline, budget, and how delicate your bike’s components may be during an overseas voyage across the water.

Required Documents For Customs Clearance

You’ll need several key documents prepared in order to successfully pass through Indian Customs when importing a motorbike:

Commercial Invoice/Bill of Lading

This documents critical details of your bike like the chassis/engine numbers, model specifications, dimensions, and accurate pricing breakdown of all parts/fees. Double-check the vehicle particulars against your actual bike to avoid issues!

Certificate of Origin

This certificate proves where your motorcycle was built/manufactured, verifying that it qualifies for import based on the destination country’s guidelines. Nearly all imported vehicles require a valid Certificate of Origin issued from the exporting country in order to pass Indian Customs.

Calculating Duty Costs

As part of the Customs clearance process, you must pay an Import Duty fee based on a percentage of your motorcycle’s invoice value before you can drive it on Indian roads. The exact rate fluctuates over time but is usually 100% or more of your vehicle’s price.

For example:

  • Bike Actual Price: $15,000 USD
  • Import Duty Rate: 100%
  • Duty Paid to Customs: $15,000 USD

As you can see, import duties often double a bike’s costs for importers. Calculate projected rates ahead of time so you can budget accordingly.

Some exceptions exist which provide Duty relief, like allowances for immigrants returning to India. But most cases will incur a steep Import Duty.

Mandatory Registrations to Ride in India

Once your bike clears Customs, a few additional steps remain before it’s roadworthy:

Vehicle Registration

You must officially register your imported vehicle with the Regional Transport Office in your home state. This involves inspections, paying Road Tax, assigning a local license plate and more.

Indian Driver’s License

Only people with valid Indian driver’s licenses can operate vehicles there. So if you’re importing a motorcycle from abroad, apply for an Indian license after you arrive with your passport and international driving permit.

Finish these 2 registrations, then you’re finally ready to ride your prized bike on incredible Indian roads!

An Unforgettable Ride Around India

Once all the import paperwork and duties are handled, it’s time for the best part – adventure! India’s landscapes are incredibly diverse, ranging from:

  • Vast deserts in Jaisalmer to tropical Kerala backwaters
  • Jam-packed megacities like Delhi to the tranquil Himalayas up north
  • Endless highways to the lushest jungles teeming with wildlife

Riding through this vivid scenery on your favorite motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll make lifelong memories zipping along curvy hillside roads with locals waving as you pass by small villages. Let the throttle out and your bike’s roar echo through mountain valleys!

Discover hidden temples, sample flavorful cuisine in roadside Dhabas, meet friendly locals & fellow bikers in each region and soak up India’s vibrant culture. With so much incredible terrain, you could spend months coasting along enjoying the views without ever getting bored!

Trusted Shipping Partners For Shipping Motor Bikes into India

Navigating the process of shipping a motorbike overseas into India can be complex for first-timers. Save yourself headaches and customs hiccups by having seasoned shipping professionals handle everything for you door-to-door!

Expert transport companies like Universal Relocations offer full-service motorcycle shipping options directly into major Indian ports like Delhi and Mumbai. Their qualified team completely manages to clear Indian customs, reassembly services, local registration requirements, and secure domestic delivery right to your home.

With over 25 years of experience shipping all types of vehicles around the globe at affordable rates, trust Universal Relocations to safely transport your beloved bike while you focus on planning the open-road adventure of a lifetime across India once it arrives!

So partner with a proven shipping provider like Universal Relocations for direct, stress-free delivery of your dream bike straight to you in India. Sign up today to get that import process rolling!

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