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FCL Services

Universal Relocations is already making shipping easier for the customers inside the USA. Along with many other services, FCL (Full Container Load) is an essential shipping service. Here at Universal Relocations, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, so don’t even think twice before choosing us to take your freight around the globe. Our FCL service is one of the best in the country due to the high-qualified professionals, container quality, and safety measures to protect your freight from any sort of damage.

We suggest you hire the FCL services if your freight can be fully fitted in a 20” or 40” container and if it is too much fragile to be loaded and unloaded again and again. Our FCL containers are sealed at the factory and unsealed at the destination reducing the chances of any damage to your fragile items. We at Universal Relocations offer a variety of container sizes including the 20” and 40” container that can be selected according to your preference. We recommend 20” container for electronic items and 40” containers for furniture items. And don’t worry about the damage as our professionals will place the freight at a regular distance with complete safety procedures. So, your freight is our responsibility and we promise to transport it in the safest possible manner.

Universal Relocations is known for its timely services and has received a great response from the customers. In the case of FCL, the shipment time is substantially reduced due to the elimination of the frequent loading and unloading of the stuff. Our staff packs the containers at any of your desired places, places it on the delivery trucks, and transports it from the shipping yard to the desired destination. The container is similarly unloaded at any of your desired spots after reaching the destination. So, there is no frequent loading or unloading of stuff, unlike the LCL shipment. Many of our customers compare our FCL shipment speed with that of air freight. We cannot compete with the air freight but offering one of the fastest FCL services in the entire US region.

The container quality and safety is the utmost priority of Universal Relocations. We have a highly-qualified inspection team that takes care of the container quality. We acknowledge that you have chosen us to take your freight so we choose the best quality containers that not only provide protection against heat and water but protect the goods from any internal collision. These FCL containers have specialized compartments for fragile electronic items and other sensitive goods such as mirrors, plastic, or wood. The container is completely waterproof and our inspection team has high-quality equipment to detect any leak or pinhole, so your freight is safe from water or moisture. The temperature inside the container is maintained at optimum room temperature, so the goods don’t get heated up causing damage to them. We also say a big no to container overloading and you can choose the best plan for your shipment from the website and calculate its price.

FCL shipment is also offered with additional insurance that ensures a money-back guarantee in case of any mishap or accident. Universal Relocations is providing the best FCL charges in the US with no hidden charges. You might be a bit confused regarding the hidden prices of shipment including the overhaul charges, custom duties, and other demurrage charges. Universal Relocations provides a solution to your worry by offering the price calculator that unveils all the costs before even booking. You can add up the custom duties in the shipment price if you are going to pay them, else don’t include them in the final shipment calculations. The calculator also includes the option of demurrage charges, congestion surcharge, etc. so you can choose the best shipment plan by keeping the budget in your mind. So, just select the type of service, the destination of shipment port and other conditions and get an accurate price quote.

Unlike other companies, our rates do not vary and remain constant throughout the year even in holidays. There is no concept of GRI (General Rate Increase) and peak season pricing in our company and we try to facilitate you in the best possible manner. If you are a loyal customer of Universal Relocations, we have several discount offers for you that can be availed in both FCL and LCL shipping. In case of any query, the customer center is active 24/7. You can always contact them to get details about the latest FCL plans and hire their services deciding the best plan for you. Or you can always visit our office to get the details about our FCL services. We recommend you to book an FCL container 2-3 weeks before shipment date for convenience. And also make sure that the warehouse and factory’s dock height is meeting the truck height to avoid any accident or inconvenience.


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