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If you have freight that cannot be accommodated in a single container but doesn’t require an entire container for transportation. There is a high chance that many shipping companies will look for their profitability and ask you to book an entire container for minimal cargo. This will cost you an entire container that will not be even filled half. Our services are currently offered from the USA to any destination. Don’t worry because our experts have designed LCL strategies for you. LCL (Less Container Load) services are available for different regions and the shipping venues are constantly being added according to your demands. With this service either you can book a container and provide shipping facilities to other consumers with less freight, or can avail the services of an already LCL booked container. Some consolidators agree to adjust your goods in his container that can be selected on Universal shipping online database system. There are various consolidators according to your preference.

You can choose the consolidator from our website according to date, space available, container type, size, and route of the shipping. Universal Relocations promises the customers for safe delivery of the products in an LCL, so safety is no different than an FCL. We will provide you with box enclosure date (container stuffing), vessel schedule and estimated arrival time of the shipment, so you can decide accordingly whether to go with a particular consolidator or not. The reliability records of the forwarder are also provided on the demand of the consumers. If the forwarder fails to deliver your good on the required date, then we will offer you either a discount on the next shipment booking or an option to change the consolidator/forwarder.

Universal Relocations acknowledges the importance of the receivers or the buyers, so the charges for receivers are explicitly mentioned on our website. These prices can vary according to annual taxation policies and different ocean chargers. But despite all these varying charges, we believe in expressing all the charges for the receiver as well as the sender. Another key point of our company is that it presents all the charges in a single currency that is US Dollar. So, the sender and receiver could easily figure out the price of sending or receiving the product.

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Universal Relocations offers minimal CBC (Cubic Meter Basis) rates to the consumers and don’t worry about any hidden charges. All the charges are discussed at the time of booking including the haulage and the freight charges according to different oceans. We also offer special discount options for loyal customers. By booking a container whether LCL or FCL, the consumer can earn loyalty points that can be used to avail discount options for upcoming bookings. Many shipment companies might have traps for you behind and destination service charges. We are responsible for all the dealings with all the forwarders and our company policies include the in writing charges by the forwarder. So, booking an LCL from our company saves you from any kind of inconvenience.

Our LCLs are one of the best in terms of goods safety. We don’t let the forwarder to overload the container and the fragile items are placed at special places in the container so that they don’t sustain any damage. Our main goal is to protect your goods and transport them in the safest possible manner. Our teams are always looking for betterments in the container quality and safety measures to protect your goods from any damage. The container shapes and sizes are specially selected to fit in maximum products without any hazard. Furthermore, we also provide the services of cargo insurance. The online cargo calculator service can calculate the insurance cost of your shipment according to the product types, space taken in the container, and the shipment location. Insurance service is available for LCLs as well as FCLs.


In case of any inconvenience, our service team is always available for your help. You can ask any queries on the below-mentioned email address and the other contact details. The customers can also demand a copy of the survey report from our main office. The survey form contains information about the volume of the goods that can also be checked by the receiver. We can also mail a copy of the survey form to your address, all you have to do is to let us know your demands.

LCL services are also provided at a reasonable rate by Universal Relocations. Taking care of our customers is our utmost priority and our employees are specially trained to fulfill this purpose. You can always track your shipment through the container vessel tracker service. This service is also available for the LCLs, and the increasing demand of LCL is making us update our policies. Although, services are being offered for many place from the USA, but still newer destination along with reasonable rates and wider containers are soon to be offered for our valuable customers who can enjoy this service more than before.

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