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Are you moving to Belgium? Here are a few things that you should know before you actually move!

About the country

Belgium is located in Western Europe. Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg are the neighboring countries of Belgium. Brussels is the capital of the country which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The country has a population of over 11.3 million people. There are several official languages in the country depending on the region. The three official languages in Belgium include Dutch, French and German.  Despite the different languages that nationals of Belgium speak, they however share a common identity.

Belgium is a popular tourist destination because of its historical landmarks and architecture present in major cities. Belgium is known for its culture which promotes arts and literature. Apart from this, Belgium is known for its food and cuisine. Belgium’s beer and waffles are known all around the world. Chocolates from Belgium are considered the best in the world.

Belgium is a popular destination for expats for a majority of reasons. Other than high quality of education and healthcare, the country provides many other facilities to the public. Because of this reason the cost of living in the country is high. Job opportunities for people belonging to member countries of the European Union are more as compared to non-EU nationals.

Major airports and seaports

Belgium faces the North Sea and as a result there are many ports located along the coastal lines. Many coastal cities have ports developed. Port of Antwerp, Port of Bruges-Zeebrugge, Port of Ghent and Port of Ostend are some of the major seaports in the country.

As a developed country, there are many international airports located in the country. Brussels Airport, Antwerp International Airport and Ostend Airport are among the busiest airports located in the country.

As with most countries, Belgium also requires documentation to be submitted when shipping household goods to the country. These documents include a copy of the passport, work permit, residence permit and inventory of items among other documents.

Most shipping companies provide customers with information related to custom regulations. Make sure that the moving and shipping company you hire provides you with this information.

Why Universal Relocations

Universal Relocations provides customers with shipping and packing facilities. In addition to this, we also provide information regarding pet shipping and relocation. For people planning to move overseas, we provide guidelines related to immigration and custom regulations. Our aim at Universal Relocations is to provide customers and clients with a smooth transition into their new lives. With us, shipping to Belgium has never been this easier.

Check out our website for more information regarding the services we provide. You can get a free estimate regarding the cost of shipping from our website. If you have any further queries, call us or send us a message.

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