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About China

With a mix of Eastern values and Western influences, China is one of the world’s emerging superpowers. China’s population is the largest in the world with more than 1.3 million people, but it is the fourth largest country in terms of size. China has experienced an influx of foreigners especially in the major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Over 200,000 foreigners now live in Shanghai. These metropolitan cities have become a hub for businesses with a major non-Chinese population.

China is changing fast, where opportunities for students and employees are becoming more favorable. In major cities it is easier to get around because more and more locals can now speak English. In addition to this, foreign food items are also easily available.
Chinese is spoken in seven major dialects. The most spoken dialect is Mandarin with over 70% of Chinese population conversing in this dialect. It is also the dialect taught in schools. However, most young people can converse in English since it is taught in Chinese Public Schools as a mandatory subject.

Shipping routes to China

Recently, shipping to China has become easy because of the many Chinese and international shipping companies. Other international airports include Beijing Capital international Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.
The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the third busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic in the world.
However air cargo is expensive. There is also the option of having your cargo shipped by sea. Since China has the Pacific Ocean on its eastern side, this allows easy access to major countries all over the world.

Pacific Ocean serves as a major sea route for ships coming from and going to Australia, New Zealand, US, South America and Western Canada. The second route has ships leaving port on the Pacific Ocean, turn south towards the Indian Ocean and then following the route along the Cape of Good Hope. Thus this route allows shipment to be carried to and fro Western Europe. Ports of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao and Guangzhou are some of the major ports facing the Pacific Ocean.
When shipping using sea routes, you have the option of either using a full container or only a fraction of it. Sharing a container can be light on the pocket as you save on shipping cost.

Paperwork required for Shipment to China

For moving to China along with household goods, there are several documents that need to be submitted such as resident permit, work permit, company letter, original passport, shipment bill etc.
For importing good such as clothing and kitchenware, there is no tax. But for vehicles, furniture, electrical appliances, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes; there is an import tax. The import tax varies from 10% to 30%.
Clearance of goods at the custom office requires the owner of the goods to submit import permit, passport, work and resident permit, packing list and other documents.
You can consult our team at Universal Relocation in order to get more information regarding shipment of household goods to China.
We help our customers and clients in every step of the way.

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