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The country of Japan is based on islands with a population of more than 126 million people. Japan has no shortage in natural and historical landmarks. With people belonging from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds, in Japan you will find populated city with a typical urban life and also find rustic villages with their own way of life.
An interesting fact about the Japanese people is this: Japan’s life expectancy is one of the highest in world with 83 years of average life expectancy.
The friendly attitude of the Japanese people is not only contagious, their simple way of living will also make you appreciate the beauty of a minimalist lifestyle. Japanese are very friendly to foreigners. It has fascinating mix of different cultures that will leave you in awe. On the one side, Japan is immersed in tradition and culture, while on the flip side it is fast paced with changing trends. Japan is one of the most technological advanced countries out there.
And although most people don’t speak much English, the younger generation of Japan is more fluent in the language.
There are around 2 million foreigners living in Japan. And the natives are very friendly towards foreigners. With local help it is very easy for outsiders to get around. Because Japan is a technological advance country, there are many jobs related to this field available for foreigners.

Major Sea and Air Ports

Japan has China on its Western side and the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern side. Although it is relatively detached from the rest of the world, Japan relies heavily on imports from other countries. Because of this reason, it has enabled major sea ports to spring up along the Japanese coast. The port of Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya and Osaka are some of the major sea ports. There are over 1020 sea port in Japan that are used for different purposes.
Japan has the most important airports such as the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Kansai Airport in Osaka, Haneda Airport in Tokyo among others.
If you are planning to move to Japan, here are a few things that you should know:
If you plan to take your pet with you to Japan, you will have to notify the relevant authority, the Japanese Animal Quarantine Service before your arrival. Depending on the baggage that you have you can either share container or have an entire container. In addition to paying import and consumption taxes, you may have to pay other taxes on your goods. You can have your goods shipped via air or sea. Shipping to Japan via sea is cheaper as compared to having your goods shipped via air.

Universal Relocations

When it comes to shipping household goods, it is advised that you hire a professional to do the job for you. Universal Relocations excels at providing professional mover services for overseas shipping. We not only provide moving services, we also guide our clients about the shipping process, the documentation and other requirements.

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