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Moving to Kuwait? Here are a few things you should know about the country before you plan to move!

About the country

Kuwait is an Arab country located in the Persian Gulf Region. The population of the country is over 4 million people. The capital of the country, Kuwait city is located on a bay. This bay provides a natural deep-water harbor for ships that dock. Most of the country’s population lies in Kuwait city.

It faces border with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Arabic is the national language spoken by the inhabitants. Because of this, Kuwaiti culture is predominantly Arabic with a Muslim majority population.

Over the period of the country’s history, Kuwait has gone through urbanization. Although there is only one university in the country, the government of Kuwait gives scholarships and grants to students to encourage them to pursue higher education.

For expats, Kuwait provides a number of options for accommodation facilities. Kuwait provides many job opportunities for expats. Generally in Kuwait jobs tend to pay good salaries to employees. If you are planning to move to Kuwait with family, there are many private schools available for children with good quality education. Similarly there are private healthcare facilities that provide good services. One of the benefits of living in Kuwait is that there are no taxes levied on income. In addition to this, there is a very low crime rate in Kuwait contrary to popular belief. Hence Kuwait is known for providing a better standard of living for expats.

Major airports and seaports

Since Kuwait is a small country, there is only one International airport in the country which is the Kuwait International Airport.

Since Kuwait faces the Persian Gulf, there are many seaports located on the shores. Kuwait seaports are important for exports and imports. The government of Kuwait runs these seaports. However, the most important port of the country is the Shuwaikh Port located in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area.

As with every other country you plan to move to, shipping household goods to Kuwait requires that you provide documentation. This includes copy of your passport, work permit, residence permit, and inventory of items among other documents. There are also taxes levied on importing household goods. Most shipping companies will provide you with this information.

Why Universal Relocations?

Universal Relocations provides its clients with shipping and packing services including custom regulation information. We ensure in helping our clients with the paperwork that is required for shipping household goods overseas. Our aim is to help our clients transition in to the new phase of their lives. Hence shipping to Kuwait has never been easier.

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