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Moving to Nepal? Here are a few things that you should know about the country before you move!

About the country

Nepal is located in Asia and is a landlocked country, facing India, Tibet and China as its neighboring countries. As of 2017, the population of Nepal is over 29 million people. Although there are many languages spoken in the country such as Maithili, Newar and Bhojpuri, the official language is Nepalese.

Religions practiced in Nepal include Hinduism and Buddhism. Both of these religions have co-existed for a long time. Since Nepal shares its border with India, it is influenced greatly by the Indian culture.

Nepal is a popular tourist attraction because of its natural beauty. There are many expats living in Nepal who belong from different nationalities. Although there are limited job opportunities in Nepal, you have the choice of starting your own business. The prospects of this are fairly good.

Major airports

Nepal is a land locked country which faces land on all sides. Because of this overseas transportation to the country takes place by either of the two methods, air and land.

In the capital of the country, Kathmandu, there is the Tribhuvan International Airport. This airport is the only airport which is in operation for international flights. On the other hand, other regional and domestic airports do exist that connect the Tribhuvan International Airport to the rest of the country.

When moving to Nepal along with household goods, shipping directly via air to the country will cost you more. Shipping via air is expensive as compared to other methods of shipping. Therefore, if you opt for shipping via sea, the shipment will first land at Calcutta Port in India. After this, the shipment is transported via land in trucks to Nepal.

Custom regulations such as inspection of household goods apply to Nepal as well. Therefore, before having your items packed and ready for shipping, you need to provide a few documents. These include passport, bill of landing, inventory detailing the list of items, import permit, residence permit, and work visa among other documents.

Make sure to check out custom regulation of the country you are planning to move to. Most professional movers provide customers with this information.

Why Universal Relocations?

Shipping to Nepal has never been this easier. Universal Relocations provides customers with shipping and packing services. In addition to providing these services, we also help our customers by providing them information regarding immigration and custom regulations. Universal Relocation also provides pet relocation to overseas countries. With regards to this, we help you in gathering pet permits for pet shipping.

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