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About the country

Norway is among the countries known as Scandinavian countries. Neighboring countries of Norway include Sweden, Russia, and Finland. Norwegian is the language spoken widely by the people. The country has a population of over 5., million people.

Norway is a modern country. But despite this, there are many traditions rooted in history that are followed in the country to this day. Folklore is an integral part of storytelling in the country. Norway’s landscape is marked with rugged mountains and coastal lines which makes Norway a popular tourist destination. Norwegians, themselves, are outdoorsy people who enjoy activities such as skiing and skating. Not only is Norwegian literature known for its richness, but theaters in several Norwegian cities is also a popular form of entertainment.

Oslo, the capital of the country, has many attractions for tourists such as museums and historical buildings.

Expats are moving to Norway because of several reasons. Generally, employees are paid well in Norway as compared to other countries, though accommodation in Norway is expensive. The outdoor lifestyle of Norway attracts many expats who are also adventure seeking by nature. Apart from this, Norway boasts equality and egalitarian values, whereby men and women enjoy equal rights.

Major airports and seaports

Norway faces the Norwegian Ocean in the North West region of the country which provides shipping routes for export and imports to the country. The seaports in Norway include Port of Finnsnes, Port of Stamsund, Port of Sortland and others

There are 8 international airports in Norway. These include Bergen Airport in Bergen, Haugesund Airport in Haugesund, Oslo Airport in Oslo and Sandefjord Airport in Torp.

When it comes to shipping household goods overseas, expats need to comply with certain customs regulations. These regulations include providing documentation. The documents include passport, work permit, residence permit, inventory of items and others.

Before moving to Norway, make sure that the shipping company you hire provides you with the relevant information.

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