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Korea is located between China and Japan. Although Korea is divided into two regions: North and South Korea, both the nations share cultural values. Korea has a population of around 51.5 million people in South Korea and 25.5 million people in North Korea.
Korean is the national language of Korea. There are a few similarities that Korean language shares with Japanese language. But despite this, the two are considered separate languages.

The people have a variety of religious backgrounds. Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are some of the religions people of Korea practice. Korean people are deeply influenced by the traditional values and customs which is centered on family values. In South Korea you can find a combination of Eastern principles and Western influences, which makes it a favorable place for foreigners.

Korea art is famous throughout the world including traditional folk dances that are performed on cultural festivals.
South Korea has always had its doors open to foreigners. North Korea, on the other hand does not welcome foreigners as South Korea does due to strained relations with the international world. South Korea has a relatively large expat population with over half of them being Chinese. Over two million of people in South Korea are foreigners.

One of the reason why South Korea poses favorable conditions for foreigners is that it has a very low crime rate. In addition to this, South Korea’s increasing market in electronic and other equipment has increased job opportunities. And the country is growing in terms of economy. This is another reason why people are choosing to move to South Korea.

Major Sea and Air Ports

Since South Korea faces water on three side and North Korea on one side, it makes the country a peninsula. Because of this, most of South Korea’s trade occurs via sea. Major sea ports of South Korea include Port of Busan, Post of Chinae, Port of Daesan and Port of Daipori among others.

In addition to this, air ports also help facilitate in transporting good to South Korea. Some of the major airports in South Korea include Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Gimpo International Airport in Seoul and Yangyang International Airport in Yanyang.
If you are planning to move to South Korea, shipping your household goods might seem like a daunting task. But you can have your goods transported to South Korea via ship or via road. When transporting via ship you have the choice to either to opt for an entire container or to share a container. Household items such as furniture are exempt from taxes when you ship to Korea.

Universal Relocations

Important documentation that you will required includes passport of all the family members, packing list, work permit and other.
When moving overseas, you should definitely consider hiring professional movers to help you in the move. Not only is it practical but it also allows you to focus on more important things such as beginning a new life in a new country. With Universal Relocations, transitioning in your new life is made easier. Head over to our website to find more information regarding this.

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