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Are you planning to move to Spain? Here are a few things to consider before moving to Spain!

About the country

Located in southwestern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is home to more than 46 million people. The official language spoken in the country is Spanish. It has France, Portugal, and Morocco as neighboring countries. Spain is influenced by a variety of cultures. The majority of the population (more than 90%) is Roman Catholic. Spanish traditions emphasize on family ties.

Food in Spanish culture is important with dinners having several courses. Sports such as football is one of the most popular sports in the country. The country has a rich history as can be witnessed by the art and architecture left behind by civilizations of older times.

Spain is a popular tourist destination. Apart from historical landmarks, the country offers a variety of landscape and activities for tourists.

One of the reasons why people choose Spain for living is because of the friendly nature of the people. Apart from this, Spain offers accommodation at reasonable prices. The country also allows expats to maintain a good lifestyle. Although gas and utility may be expensive, healthcare in Spain is affordable.

The climate of the country is generally temperate with mild winters and warm summers. For expats who choose to live in Spain, learning the language of the locals definitely puts them at an advantage.

Major seaports and airports

Spain faces Mediterranean coast towards the south and the Atlantic Ocean towards the northwest.  Port of Barcelona, port of Valencia, Port of Las Plamas and Port of Malaga are some of the ports in Spain that are in use.

Adolfo Suarez Madrid in Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat in Barcelona, Palma De Mallorca and Malaga-Costa Del Sol are some of the international airports that are also the busiest in the country.

If you plan on moving to Spain, there are a few documents which you should prepare before shipping to Spain. These documents include passport, residence permit, work permit, inventory of items and others. Most professional shipping companies provide customers with a detail outline of documents that are required for shipping. Make sure that all your documents are complete to avoid any hassle.

Why Universal Relocations?

Universal Relocations provides customers with shipping and packing services for overseas transport as well as interstate. In addition to this, our goal is to help our customers to transition smoothly into their new lives. For this, we also provide consultation regarding custom regulation and immigration laws. Therefore, shipping to Spain and other overseas countries has never been this easier.

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