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About Vietnam

Vietnam is in the Southeast Asia region where it shares its border with Cambodia, Laos, and China. With a population of over 95 million, it is a home for people belonging to various religions. The majority of the people are Buddhists, but you can also find Catholics, Protestants, Hoahaoists, Muslims as well as Hindus.

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam. People in Vietnam speak English enough for you to get by. However, any more than that will be a rarity.

Vietnam is known for its beaches and Buddhist architecture. Its beaches are among the most popular destination for tourists who visit the country. Since Vietnam was a French colony until it gained independence in 1954, you will find French colonial landmarks throughout the country. Because of this, you will also notice that some of the older generations of Vietnamese people will know the French language.

Vietnam is known for water puppetry shows. This art form of storytelling dates back to 11th century.

Many people are choosing to move to Vietnam because of the favorable conditions it offers. The economy of Vietnam is one of the fastest growing in the world. In addition to providing job opportunities, many businesses are seeking to venture into the economy. Furthermore, the cost of living is relatively cheap. So if you are planning to move to Vietnam, your living costs are definitely going to reduce.

Major Airports and Seaports


Vietnam’s economic growth has resulted from the fact that labor is relatively cheap. So many companies have outsourced production to Vietnam which means shipping to Vietnam is not that difficult. However, the economic boom of Vietnam has not been reflected in the construction of infrastructure. As a result, there are few ports in the country which have a good standard of facilities. Major seaports of Vietnam include Saigon port, Hai Phong Port and Da Nang Port. These are the largest ports and bear the heaviest traffic.

Major airports in Vietnam are Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Da Nang International Airport in Da Nang and Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which is the busiest airport in Vietnam. The border with China provides land access to Vietnam.

When moving to Vietnam there are certain documents that you require which include original passport, inventory list, work permit, and others. Electronic equipment such as TVs and other items have taxes levied on them. If you are moving with your pet, you should obtain a health certificate from the vet, have your pet vaccinated among other things.

Customs duties on items vary from country to country and so does documentation and other requirements. Therefore, it is advised that you seek services from professional movers to help you in the move.

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