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Former Indian citizens presently settled abroad, who are contemplating a return to India for settlement, have an option of using the transfer of residency rules that offer those returning after extended stays to benefit from relaxed rules regarding import of their personal belongings.


NRI /Indian Citizen who are returning to India for an extended period, should consider using transfer of residency, so that they can take advantage of relaxed customs duties. Transfer of Residence is a facility provided to persons who intend to transfer their residence to India after a stay abroad of at least two years. This facility allows the import personal and household articles, free of duty and certain other listed items, on payment of a concessional rate of duty. Those taking transfer of residence are no longer subjected to any minimum stay requirements in India.

Duty free items allowed under transfer of residence

The total combined value of such goods should not exceed rupees five lakh/500,000. NRIs should also be aware that, not more than one unit, of each item of such goods is allowed, per family. Items allowed duty free under transfer of residence are:Used personal and household articles up to an aggregate value of Rupees 5 Lakh. Jewelry up to Rs. 50,000 by a gentleman passenger or Rs. 100,000 for a lady passenger. Jewelry taken out earlier by the passenger or by a member of his family from India. (Proof may be required)Video Cassette Recorder or Video Cassette Player or Video Television Receiver or Video Cassette Disk Player. Washing Machine. Electrical or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cooking Range Personal Computer (Desktop Computer) Laptop Computer (Notebook Computer) Domestic Refrigerators of capacity up to 300 liters or its equivalent.

Exemptions AlLowed:

Shortfall of up to two months in stay abroad can be condoned by Deputy Commissioner of Customs or Assistant Commissioner of Customs if the early return is on account of terminal leave or vacation being availed of by the passenger or any other special circumstances for reasons which will be required in writing by the customs authorities. The Principal Commissioner of Customs or Commissioner of Customs may condone short visits in excess of six months in special circumstances for reasons to be recorded in writing.


List of items with reduced custom duty

  1. Television either used or new.
  2. Monochrome Television.
  3. Digital Video Disc Player.
  4. Video Home Theater System.
  5. Dish Washer. Music System.
  6. Air Conditioner.
  7. Domestic refrigerators of capacity above 300 liters or its equivalent.
  8. Deep Freezer. Microwave Oven.
  9. Video camera or the combination of any such video camera with one or more of the following goods, namely:- television Receiver; Sound recording or reproducing apparatus; Video reproducing apparatus.
  10. Word Processing Machine.
  11. Fax Machine.
  12. Portable Photocopying Machine.
  13. Vessel.Aircraft.Cinematographic films of 35 mm and above.
  14. Gold or silver, in any form, other than ornaments.

How to calculate customs duty for used electronic items

In case a person knows the rate of duty for a particular item, it’s easy to calculate the duty that will be charged. However for used items the value is determined by allowing depreciation on a yearly basis. Normally depreciation would be calculated as:


First year depreciation

@ 16%2

Second year depreciation

@ 12%3

Third-year depreciation

@ 10%

Foodstuff Imports

Foreign nationals can import foodstuff in their main household goods shipment duty free up to a limit of Rs. 50,000/=

Import of Alcohol, Spirits etc.:

Import duties on alcohol, wines, spirits, etc. are very high in India (approx. 160 % + fine & penalty). Hence it is not advisable to ship wine & liquor into India. However, if it is a must to ship then please complete our Alcohol Declaration Form with details of Brand, Type of Liquor, Quantity, Alcohol Content, Purchase Price etc. It is also advisable to pack them separately and load them at the beginning of the container to enable easy retrieval for customs inspection.

Import of Motor Cars and Bikes:

Motor cars can be imported by paying customs duty @ 208% of the CIF value for both used and new cars. Motor Bikes can be imported by paying customs duty @ 185% of the CIF value for both used and new bikes under transfer of residence and customs may charge fine and penalty unto 100% on duty if motor mike not manufactured as per indian spec,

Import of Pets:

Two pets per passenger. Veterinary certificates and other health documents are required. Please contact us for more information prior to shipping.

Restricted / prohibited goods:

Porno-graphic material
obscene literature
wildlife items like ivory, horns etc
firearms, ammunition and other weapons.
Should you need further information please contact us prior to shipping. 

Customs examination:

Generally all import consignments are physically inspected 100% as per Indian customs regulations.


The information presented herein his based on customs data available at the time of printing and is frequently subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the owner or importer of the household goods to comply with the current customs restrictions, regulations, and duties of the country to which the goods are imported. We strongly advise customers to contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country for the most current information on customs regulations, restrictions and duties for importing household goods, personal effects and vehicles.

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