Guide to Changing Addresses and Redirecting Mail


Moving to a new home brings the excitement of settling into a new space. But it also requires diligently updating your address across many accounts, services, and contacts. Properly updating your address and redirecting mail ensures a smooth transition to your new residence. Follow this comprehensive checklist to tackle changing addresses and redirecting mail when moving.

Notify Important Contacts

One of the first steps is informing important contacts about your upcoming address change.

  • Friends and family – Send out change of address cards or emails so loved ones know where to reach you. Also, update your address in your personal contacts.
  • Employers – Alert your boss, HR department, and coworkers about the address change. Provide them with plenty of notice.
  • Schools and alumni associations – If you or your children are students, inform your schools. Also, update alumni groups or organizations.
  • Community groups – Update any local organizations you belong to, like churches, clubs, or volunteer groups. They will need your new address.
  • Magazines and newspapers – Look for an address change form on their website or reach out to customer service.
  • Doctors and dentists – Provide new contact details so your healthcare providers can update your medical records.

Update Accounts and Subscriptions

One of the biggest tasks is updating your address with various accounts, subscriptions, and memberships.

  • Banks – Change your address for checking, savings, investments, credit cards, and online banking.
  • Insurance – Update address on policies like health, auto, home, life, and rental insurance.
  • Utilities – Alert gas, electric, water, cable, phone, and internet companies.
  • Government offices – Update addresses for tax returns, voter registration, social services, and more.
  • Memberships – Notify gyms, subscriptions, clubs, and professional organizations.
  • Rewards programs – Update hotel, airline, and other rewards programs.
  • Online accounts – Change addresses on shopping sites, social media, and forums.

Update Important Documents

Make sure to change your address on any legal and government documents. This ensures records are accurate.

  • Driver’s license – Notify the motor vehicle department to update the license.
  • Auto registration and insurance – Change registration and insurance to a new address.
  • Voter registration – Update voter registration to a new residence.
  • Passport – Alert the passport agency if you have travel planned.
  • Tax returns – Inform tax authority to send returns and correspondence to a new address.
  • Social Security – Update your address so benefits are sent to the correct location.
  • Legal documents – Change address on wills, contracts, deeds, and other legal paperwork.
  • Medical records – Have providers transfer medical records to new residents.

Arrange Mail Forwarding

To avoid missed mail, arrange the forwarding of both letters and packages from the old address to the new address.

  • Temporary forwarding – Some post offices offer short-term mail forwarding for the first few months.
  • Permanent forwarding – For longer forwarding, some post offices provide year-long services for letters.
  • Package forwarding – Arrange forwarding of packages and larger envelopes. Check options and costs.
  • Scanning services – Some companies scan mail and notify you of incoming mail digitally.
  • Carrier services – Private companies will collect, scan, and forward mail for longer periods. Compare rates and options.

Submit all forwarding requests several weeks before moving. Check with couriers about package forwarding. Also contact magazine and subscription services about forwarding options.

Moving internationally can make anyone feel stressed and overwhelmed. But staying organized, planning ahead, and diligently updating your address across accounts will ensure a smooth transition.

Following this comprehensive checklist and guide will have you settled into your new home quickly. Changing addresses and redirecting mail doesn’t have to be difficult. Just tackle each item at a time.

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