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Shipping Cost from United States of America to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Are you looking to relocate from the USA to UAE? This is an exciting venture, and one of the most interesting experiences you can have in your life. UAE offers great features and benefits for non-residents Arabians that want to returning back to UAE for permanent settlement or for work, which is why you may want to check this out. Naturally, you will have lower living costs, and you will be able to enjoy your time as you explore a new culture and slowly become a part of it. But it can be hard to ship to UAE, and that’s why you need to hire Professional International Relocation Company.

The best help you can get when you do baggage shipping to UAE is a company like Universal Relocations. We can help you ship items from one country to another in no time. We have a lot of experience when it comes to moving few boxes or entire household goods including furniture’s with little to no effort.

We put a lot of work into shipping furniture to UAE as well as other countries. Our customers can easily start shipping boxes to UAE in no time, and we are heavily committed to bringing in great value for the money in no time. Our team offers some of the best, cheap rates shipping boxes and a variety of other items. We know how challenging and tricky it can be to ship items on your own, especially if you want to do that internationally. But when you are moving to UAE there’s no room for error. Our team will be more than happy to offer you all the help, assistance and support that you need during this process. Granted, there are always going to be some sort of challenges and situations that you have to endure. But working with us will offer you all the help you need if you want to ship to UAE!

We put a lot of work into making sure that all your items are handled adequately and with the best possible focus and value. Nothing is impossible when you work with us, and that’s why we are always more than happy to assist. Our team is here to help you relocate even the larger items from the US to UAE fast and easy.

Security and safety are our main priority. All items are carefully packaged to ensure that nothing will break regardless of the situation. Nothing is more important than keeping your items safe, and you can count on our team to offer you all the assistance and help that you may need.

Contact us now and let us know what you want to start shipping to UAE. We have the means and help you need in order to complete the process properly. Universal Relocations can easily help you relocate fast and in a meaningful way without any effort. We understand all the potential challenges and problems that can appear from relocating, and we are always here to ensure that you can get all the support you need. Get in touch with us and let us help you move from the USA to UAE today!


It seems practical to try and load your arms up for your flight to UAE, but maybe there is a more practical way of..

Full Container
Load (FCL)

Moving your entire house? Perhaps you have a 1-2 bedroom home and require your own Half…

Less Container
Load (LCL)

Less than container loads allow our client make shipments that may not fill an entire container…


Customs Information – UAE

We require consignee’s passport copy (photo page) and a valid UAE residence visa copy for customs clearance purposes. If the shipment includes motor vehicle, there will be 5% customs Duty will be applied, cost of which will depend on the value of the car and the valuation during clearance. We also require Car title certificate and Original Car invoice.

Customs Clearance Duration in UAE

Customs Clearance period: Personal Effects only – 4 to 6 working days. Clearance will take whole day and delivery on the next day. We offer complete destination services such as Custom clearance and later transportation of personal effects to client’s residence, unload, and unpack, assembly of furniture & removal of debris. Please note that currently, only Port crew/staff are allowed inside the inspection area during inspection (loading/unloading of goods from/into the container), container will be handed over back to our crew after physical inspection.

For unaccompanied air freight 3-4 working days – delivery can be arranged during weekdays / working hours.

Shipment with motor vehicle: 6 to 9 working days, direct delivery via towing truck (re-registration of the car must be handled personally by client)

Should the shipment arrive either on Thursday, Friday or Saturday which are the week-ends in the Middle East including public holidays where public offices are closed as well, there is a possibility of delay in customs clearance and chances of storage/demurrage.


Reasons to Shipping to UAE with Us:

Door to door international moving rates

FIDI & FAIM PLUS accredited

Options to suit your budget

More than 25 years’ experience

Member of International Movers Associations

Govt of UAE approved Movers

Empaneled with UAE Banks Associations

International standard Packing

High Quality Packing Materials and Crating Service

Direct Groupage Service from Usa to UAE

Licensed & Accredited Moving Specialist

Free Moving Estimate

Free Virtual Survey

Restricted items to imports into UAE

All importation of Personnel Effects are being put through a scanner machine during Customs Clearance thus avoid the following items in the shipment :

  • Combustible liquids like alcohols, lubricants, anti-freeze compounds
  • Explosives lie fireworks, flashbulbs, ammunition Compressed Gas like aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, scuba diving tanks, propane (BBQ) tanks
  • Raw Wood Materials like jungle gym/swing set/outdoor sheds, untreated shelving/loose wood/craft wood, untreated furniture
  • Flammables like gasoline, butane, propane, lighter fluid, perfume/cologne, matches, oil-based wood stains, oil-based garden sprays, paint, varnish remover, charcoal briquettes, signal flares, candles (with or without wick) any kind, type of battery
  • Live plants, dried flower/plants, chemicals, poisons, seeds, fresh fruits, No Foods at all which includes all types/kinds of alcoholic beverages including medicine. Items that are offensive to Islamic faith
  • Combustible liquids like alcohols, lubricants, anti-freeze compounds
  • such item will easily melt/deformed during transit or whilst container is sitting inside the port for
    during peak Summer time (July – September). Client must be fully aware of the extreme climate temperature. Failure to adhere the above would be tantamount to delays, huge penalty or possibility of returning the shipment to Origin country and charges of which will have to be borne by the Shipper/owner of the shipment.
Full Container
Load (FCL)

If you shipping to UAE entire household goods ( 2 to 4 bedroom house) then require a Full Container Load to yourself then you will use the FCL method which allows for direct shipping of your goods in your own dedicated container without sharing other clients shipments.

and LCL Shipping

Allows you to share the cost of a container with other people moving personal effects to the same destination which is in a high volume area. Less than Container Load method allows you to send smaller shipments to low volume destinations that don’t have regular groupage services, by co-loading with other customer Shipments.

Packing Service:

Universal Relocations will professional International Packing all of your belongings using the International packing Standard materials designed specifically for protecting your goods during the move process. This makes packing for international moving a breeze. On the move day our team leader will discuss your relocation with you prior to commencing packing. This is done to ensure they understand your unique requirements.

At Universal Relocations we understand the need for saving space within Shipping containers, as this saves you money on the overall move. To do this Universal Relocations have a variety of packing materials and methods of packing to ensure maximum protection of your goods, whilst also preventing wasted space due to incorrect packing methods.

How to calculate customs duty in UAE on used items

In case a person knows the rate of duty for a particular item, it’s easy to calculate the duty that will be charged. However, for used items, the value is determined by allowing depreciation on a yearly basis.







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